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Finding exercise you love

Finding exercise you love

When it comes to exercise, I am a big believer in doing something that you love, or at least develope a like for. I have always told my kids to find something they like otherwise you won’t do it. The same is true for us as adults. I was lucky enough to spend part of my childhood living in Mammoth Lakes, CA where I was exposed to a lot of physical activities.

Our school skied every Wednesday during the winter and spring. My dad worked at the mountain and I got to stay the whole day instead of just half because he was present. Mammoth also had an incredible gymnastics program, I got to do the balance beam, uneven bars etc. During the summer we hiked, swam did yoga and played tennis. I also lived part time at the beach with my mom, so bodysurfing, swimming, riding my bike were all big parts of being a kid. I had a pink bike at the beach and a red bike in Mammoth.

Once I moved to the Corona, Riverside area I was really into roller skating, I think every kid in junior high was and I rode my bike and swam as much as I could. During high school I was a cheerleader so I got to use a little of my gymnastics and during that time a football player introduced me to lifting weights. Yoga and lifting weights are the things that I favor in this season of life. I also walk and every once in a while run for a bit.

Erskien has always been into endurance sports along with gym workouts. When the kids were little he rode his bike….a lot! I think he has logged something like 750,000 miles in the span his 23 yr stint in high level cycling!!

Back in 2007 he took interest in ultra distance running that evolved into barefoot running. He also uses his bike to supplement and freshen up his legs as desired. He’s even taken a likening to an occasional yoga class with me.

Our kids didnt take to athletics nearly as early as I, but I have always encouraged them to find something they like to do. I think the only thing we probably all like to do is hike.

So, that was a lot of back story. If you are looking to start a journey of fitness, it doesn’t take much, you don’t have to join a gym. Get out and go for a short walk, maybe eventually it will become a run. There are tons of free yoga and other exercise videos online. Your city might offer classes, or maybe a YMCA. Sometimes I work out at home with weights and a resistance bands. As in my husbands case research or reach back on questions about natural running form, or anything cycling related. We both love sharing what we’ve learned along the way.

So, what ever you choose it all starts with 1 step. I encourage you to find something you love.

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